Calling all spiritually minded people who have a desire to experience greater peace, joy, love and abundance!

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We’re not talking about being able to do or create anything. And it isn’t about having a title or power over others so we can feel better ourselves.  This is about what has your name on it – what’s important to you – deeply and from a heart-felt place.

Most of us have buried what we’d love deep within, under layers of doubt and some of us have even adopted others’ beliefs about who we are and what we can achieve. Yet the desire for something more or better never goes away, does it.  

We can ignore it or push it down, sometimes for years, yet those soft signals continue, don’t they?  They show themselves in unlived life – the “what-ifs”, and in the signs and signals of pain or dis-ease, until those soft signals become hard-knocks ...

This is your opportunity to align with what truly matters to you and to start to create your “happy ever after” life, NOW!  Yeah, you can wait… you have that free will.  Yet what are you waiting for?

What if creating a life you love, with success and happiness, could actually be FUN?

Would you be open to the possibility that in an infinite universe there might just be 1 possibility that’s possible for you?

If so, that’s GREAT!

Though it may not be conscious, at some level you know you have the power within you to create whatever you would truly love.

Well, what if this is your time?

What if this opportunity has come a knock’n now for a reason.

Calling you if you’d love to wake up each day with enthusiasm, energy and feeling grateful!

Calling you if you’d love to wake up each day with enthusiasm, energy and feeling grateful!

This program is for you…

  • If you’ve had some success yet know there is another level for you.

  • If you’re spending your days in work that doesn’t call to you, or may satisfy some needs, yet you have a feeling there is (or has to be) more.

  • If you know you have a purpose for being on the planet at this time and it’s time to take up that calling.

  • Or, if you’d just like life to be more inspiring, easier and fun!

I started working with this program when I realized that I really needed help in opening to dream again. I had been involved and on a deep evolutionary path for over 24 years at that point, and had been certified to coach a course called “create your own miracles”. I was in alignment with the principles and loved the work, yet I had a challenge… and that was that I experienced a block within myself to accessing what I’d love to create. So, I felt like a bit of a fraud, to be honest. That’s when I came across the DreamBuilder. It not only helped me break through that block, it also helped me understand the underlying physical laws that we must align with if we are to create what we would love, and achieve ongoing success here on planet earth. Now, there is more to this on a spiritual level, yet this is a phenomenal start. For the first time in a very long time, I started to dream. The program unlocked something in the center stream of my being, and as a result I aligned more with who I truly am. I’ve not looked back. I had such great results, I became licensed and certified by the Brave Thinking Institute to coach and teach the program I’m offering you!

 A BREAKTHROUGH moment for me…

The DreamBuilder Program is a 12 week online program that will teach you a system to transform your life. It’s a proven, reliable and repeatable system for discovering what you would love in a way that gives you clarity and confidence, and then the tools to have the energy and the courage to go after it.

Thousands of people around the world have successfully used this system to discover what they really want for their life and are living happier and more fulfilling lives as a result. It works.

The culmination of over 30 years of study of the science of success, this program can support for you to gain clarity on what you’d love going forward and start to build it as your day-to-day reality. The program is a step-by-step formula for designing and achieving wonderful results.

Upon enrolling you will gain access to:

The DreamBuilder Program normally sells for $997.  And its worth every penny of that and more from my experience.

However, I’m Canadian so that means I’m offering this program in Canadian dollars :). That’s already a savings (of up to 30% depending on the exchange rate!).  And, to support as many of you as possible to become aware of and open to your life’s purpose and create a beautiful life – a life you can love – I’m offering the program at 50% off the normal investment.  That makes your investment today just $497.

The course is set out as a 12 week course. There is new content to work with each week that builds on the content of the prior week. Since its self-guided, though, you can go through it at your own pace. Once downloaded, you can save and will then have access to the audios and materials forever.

  • 16 hours of teaching (in digital/ downloadable audio form), plus 
  • transcripts of the audios that you can download and read, plus 
  • 3 meditations to support you to create and then build this life you’d love, plus 
  • your own downloadable workbook that you can use over and over again.

“OK , I’m In! What’s the Investment?”

Price:  $997     Your Price: $497

Your life is precious, and you have the power to be the artist and make it a masterpiece.

Why wait?  You see… evolution will not wait for you.  

Calling you if you’re ready to leave the past behind and start now to create the life you would absolutely love!

It may not be convenient, and it may not be easy.  Real, true opportunities rarely are (are they!).

So, go ahead and take the step you can take.  Say “YES” to that nudge from within. Say “YES” to this proven system of support for designing a life you’d love – your life of greater love, happiness, abundance, success and fulfillment!

Is there a guarantee?

This program is designed to help you become aware of what you’d love for your life and then start to take steps to bring that into your daily life.  We make no guarantees about your obtaining any or a certain level of results with this information and these materials, tools and strategies. Your results are completely up to you and the actions you take, if any.  Any testimonials are illustrative only and you may not receive the same or any results by downloading and listening to this program.  Having said that, whenever people put their heart into it, I’ve seen wonderful results by means of this program. For this reason, I ask that you commit to your Self and put your heart into this.

There are no refunds for this program. No exceptions. 

Upon making your investment, you will receive your confirmation email.  At the moment, we still have some backend work to do so once you’ve paid, so you will access to your personal portal, typically within 24 hours. 

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